Secretary’s Message

“Important message to all members from the Secretary.

If you have not renewed your membership for the current year, please do so, (refer to the website), or tell us by email why not, so we can improve the club. If you are a club plate holder and you have let your membership lapse, remember your car is not registered and is illegal to drive. You should check the renewal dates of your club plate car as there are cases where Vic Roads has failed to post out renewal slips.

Please notify us if you have sold or deregistered a car, our database needs to be kept up to date, a Vic Roads requirement. Track day competitors if you have a car that has a roll cage, you must have installed in the area adjacent to your helmet the correct rollbar padding and you must wear a frontal head restraint.

As detailed in schedule J of the current CAMS Manual Page 77 Article 11.”