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Change to Club Plate Scheme

One of the services The Maserati Club offers to all of our members is the administration and management of the VicRoads Club Plate Scheme.  As you would appreciate, certification by VicRoads as an authorised club plate scheme participant requires careful and diligent management of vehicle qualification, registration and ownership details.

Until now this service has been provided at no additional charge to all Maserati Club members. For example, over the past few months we have had to procure a significant IT platform to conform to the VicRoads requirements. It has also been adding a substantial workload on our volunteers who administer it for us all.

We do all enjoy owning and driving our classic cars on the Club Plate Scheme, and we are very privileged that VicRoads does offer it. The Maserati Club is committed to continue to offer this service for our members, but we will be forced to pass on a small cost to each member using the Club Plate Scheme.

Increases in the number of VicRoads club plates registered with the club, coupled with changes to the law regulating the club plate scheme has made administering the scheme by MCA committee volunteers unmanageable.

After careful thought and consideration, the committee resolved to continue providing MCA the club plate scheme service as we recognise and understand the value that MCA members get from the scheme.

The club plate service will continue on the basis that scheme participants pay a small fee per vehicle per year, 6 or more plates will be capped.  We note that we have kept the fee as low as possible.  We have also chosen not to cover the cost of administering the scheme by increasing membership subscriptions so that the only club plate scheme participants who enjoy the benefits of the scheme pay for it.

New rules for MCA Club Plate Scheme Registration

When you go to renew your membership on the Club website, ( there is now a box to be ticked if you have vehicles on club plates.

Please note this charge applies to all members with cars on club plates including life members. Life members need to go thru the same procedure but of course do not pay a membership fee.

This will then lead you through the procedure required, which is quite simple, and it will calculate the fee per car, and add that to the total of your membership fee. For members with multiple cars this is capped at 6.

There is also a place for acceptance of the MCA Club Plate scheme terms and conditions.  These terms have been added as part of our new website and in response to regulation changes.  Please make sure that you read the terms and conditions carefully as by registering your car(s) on club plates via the MCA you are representing to the MCA that you have read and agree to the terms.

For first time Users of the Club Plate Scheme:

We require a roadworthy certificate and the 5 photographs on a USB stick as required by Vic Roads to be sent in with your completed Vic Roads application forms to Andrew Ogg or Chris Stephen. They will inspect the vehicle and fill out the necessary paperwork, copy it and return it to you for presentation to Vic Roads for registration of your vehicle in the ordinary way.


Club Plate Renewals

No roadworthy is required. Send the renewal form to Andrew Ogg or Chris Stephen. They will process it and send it back to you.

Mail new applications or renewals to:

Andrew Ogg, 1 Swinton Ave. Kew 3101 Contact- Tel: 0418 360 762.
Chris Stephen, PO Box 146, Mount Eliza, 3930, Tel: 0418 123 255.


Download Application Form

VicRoads FAQ link

Further information regarding the VicRoads club plate scheme can be viewed on the VicRoads website at this link:

Of course, we are happy to answer any queries that you may have.